C&L Farms Grows

LogoColorTextBelow_250x250C&L Farms Grows is a new farm north of Carrollton off of Hwy 113.  The farm is located on 8 beautiful acres with lots of potential.  Each morning there are deer browsing the pasture among wild rabbits and a lone hawk circling overhead.

All of our produce is grown with natural methods, meaning that no chemical fertilizers, sprays, or pesticides are used. Our main focus is our microgreens (pea, sunflower, radish, salad mix, cilantro, broccoli, and shiso) but we also grow a Spring salad mix as well as herbs.  We are expanding into more root vegetables such as carrots, beets, white turnips, and radish.  We are stewards to the land and will begin to focus our efforts on our permaculture walking trail food forest.

Our mission is to foster social and environmental change through the production of local food, and to help, teach, and empower people to start growing their own. We believe that our transition from a petroleum based society is inevitable and how we chose to perceive that potentially devastating event is entirely up to us. At C&L Farms, we see that as an opportunity to create the world we want to live in, and while we move from a society and food system that is energy intensive, environmentally destructive, and socially inequitable, we can have fun, eat good wholesome food, get some exercise, and reconnect with the soil and our community at the same time.

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Dennis Farms

Greg and Janie Dennis

Dennis Farms is located in east central Alabama about half way between Anniston, AL and Carrollton, GA. We grow lush, nutritious grass in our pastures. We raise Red Angus cattle, Katahdin hair sheep and Tamworth heritage pigs to harvest our grass. At the appropriate stage of maturity, we harvest our animals to produce nutritious and delicious grass-fed beef, grass-fed lamb and pastured pork.

We raise our cows, sheep and pigs in a natural pastoral environment never giving growth promoting antibiotics, hormones, or steroids. We believe that contented animals produce a superior product, so we strive for a low stress environment emphasizing the humane treatment of our livestock. We follow a strict grass-fed protocol with our cows and sheep never feeding grain, animal byproducts or feed supplements. Our pigs graze the pasture along with the cows and sheep receiving supplemental grain as needed. We do not use farrowing crates.


  • Primeburger (whole cow ground beef)
  • Hot and Mild Breakfast Sausage
  • Bratwurst
  • Italian Sausage
  • Bacon
  • Ground Lamb
  • more!

Crager-Hager Farm



Wendy Crager and Bryan Hager grow over 100 varieties of fruits and vegetables, as well as eggs on their 120 year old farm in northern Carroll County, near Buck Creek. They specialize in shiitake mushrooms, strawberries, greens, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, and garlic.

  • No synthetic herbicides, pesticides, or fertilizers
  • High nutritional value and long storage life because it was just picked, and is handled and refrigerated properly.
  • Healthy plants grown in living, healthy soil. Our farm is a living ecosystem where conservation and sustainability are key.

New in 2017 their produce is now Certified Organic.

The Garry Farm



Near Bowdon in Carroll County

Our motto:  Farming Naturally for your Health and Happiness.

The Garry Farm began in 2006 as a weekend getaway and the dream of a full time farm after early retirement.  Jacque’s experience as a chef and farmer on hundreds of acres as a young person and then a caterer for years in Texas brought much to the farm. As a student in Marietta GA, he was growing tomato plants in his dorm and successfully eating fresh grown tomatoes! Nancy’s happy memories as a child in North Alabama running barefoot and fancy free at Granny’s overwhelmed her sense of real work at a farm. Farmer Nancy’s love of baking/cooking and many memories of helping Granny and enjoying good country cooking added the component of offering baked items of all sorts from the farm, all of which feature our farm products. Jacque’s experiences on his farm and his love of both animals and plants has given him tremendous energy and wisdom. Both Farmer Jacque and Nancy love working on the farm and often wonder why they were not doing this earlier.

They grow fruit, vegetables, herbs and have a commercial kitchen where they bake, spin out honey from their honey bees and make jams and preserves.
In addition to “eating” eggs at market, the farm also provides hatching eggs,
bunnies, baby milk goats and occasionally adult milk goats and rabbits.